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Разработка мобильных приложений - доставка воды

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Вода "Scotch Mist"

Природная минеральная вода Scotch Mist

The source of Scotch Mist natural mineral water has long been noted for its purity of content and quality of taste. An account published in 1835 describes a "most beautiful loch, formed in a natural ravine amidst undulating and finely wooded hills." The scenery was deemed of such natural charm that local people sailed on the loch, dined under the shady trees and drank from a "most magnificent living spring of the purest water."

Pressmennan Well is at the foot of the Lammermuir Hills where water rises vertically under a positive head, through an extension of the Lammermuir Fault. It is this unique combination of location and geology which gives Scotch Mist® the unrivalled purity and soft nature that can be depended on to complement the most celebrated Scotch whisky.

"It is my considered opinion that Pressmennan Well, as a source of natural mineral water, has, in my experience, no equal in terms of purity, consistency and taste." Extract from Geohydro-logical Report by R B Speirs, AHWC, Head of the Central Analytical Laboratory, SAC.

Вода Scotch Mist и настоящий шотландский Scotch

The source of Scotch Mist consistently produces crystal clear water of exceptional quality. Each test/indicator comprising the mirobiological analysis of the officially recognised analysis for Pressmennan Well of 14 Jan 1992 recorded zero counts.

Регион: Великобритания

Страна: Великобритания.

Scotch Mist

Источник: Lammermuir Hills. Southern Scotland

Название источника: Pressmennan Well

Состав воды Scotch Mist

Кислотность (PH): 7.15

Кальций (Ca++): 55 mg/l

Магний (Mg++): 20 mg/l

Натрий (Na+): 12.1 mg/l

Гидрокарбонаты (HCO3-): 151 mg/l

Хлориды (Cl-): 21 mg/l

Сульфаты (SO4--): 0.6

Калий (K+): 0.9 mg/l

Железо (Fe + +): 0.02 mg/l

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