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Разработка мобильных приложений - доставка воды

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Вода "Llanllyr"

Вода Llanllyr

We bottled our first water only a few years ago in 1999, but behind our highly contemporary product there's a truly fascinating story that begins literally centuries ago!

We know the same sources have been providing drinking water for over 800 years because a Cistercian nunnery was established on the site in 1180 and it survived for over 400 years, The history of the site goes back much further than that though.

Saint Madomonoc is said to have established a hermitage on the site in the 6th century and indeed evidence remains there to this day which is a magnet for historians from all over the world.

Our water is suitable for people on a low sodium diet.

Регион: Великобритания

Страна: Великобритания.


Официальный сайт: Llanllyr Water

Источник: West Wales

Дата открытия: 1999

Состав воды Llanllyr

Кислотность (PH): 5.9

Общая минерализация (TDS): 111 mg/l

Кальций (Ca++): 12 mg/l

Магний (Mg++): 8 mg/l

Натрий (Na+): 12 mg/l

Гидрокарбонаты (HCO3-): 68 mg/l

Хлориды (Cl-): 15 mg/l

Сульфаты (SO4--): 17

Калий (K+): 2 mg/l

Фтор (F-): 10 mg/l

Железо (Fe + +): 10 mg/l

Марганец (Mn++): 38 mg/l

Цинк (Zn++): 12 mg/l

Алюминий (Al+++): 7 mg/l

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